dorindesign create and innovate in digital design

By bringing style into visual communication and digital design, dorindesign(tm) became the foundation and integrated part of Studio Botez in March 2016. Running as Dorin Botez’s design label since 2001, dorindesign has brought to life concepts that have defined companies and brands, distinguishing itself through creativity and innovation.

About Dorin Botez

A multi-disciplinary, a BA/MA graduate designer, Dorin Botez is the founder of Dorindesign. In 2001, after working for several years throughout various design disciplines, Dorin started dorindesign as a pilot project meant to provide visual identity and user-interface design for digital industry continuing to develop into a successful design consultancy. Dorin aims to make dorindesign an expression of his creativity and artistic vision, helping organisations embrace design as a competitive weapon, thereby adding value to their products and services. As a member, Dorin supports D&AD since 2008, helping towards the development of creative community in the United Kingdom.


Technologies and Standards

Regardless the size of the project, dorindesign strive to comply with industry standards (Agile/KANBAN, W3C) using the latest technologies.

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